Tips to create a colorful living space

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Sometimes we want to experiment with our living space but don’t know where to start or fear that it would not look appealing. If you’re someone who loves to experiment and make bold choices with your interiors, these tips are just for you. Whether you want to take the subtle route or choose to be more adventurous, these tips are perfect for both.

When you’re starting out, it’s always best to start small, so instead of going all out with your interiors, add accent bold colors around your living space to bring it to life. It could be a colorful lamp, ottomans and poufs, curtains, décor, or even something as small as a vase. You could also add hints of colors or prints that could be changed whenever desired such as furniture upholstery, throws on your furniture or even bed sheets for your beds; the smallest touch could make all the difference. Plants also add an organic and colorful touch, not to mention, they make your home more welcoming and cozy. Colorful vases like our Lalique Decorative Cylindrical Vase in blue will look picture perfect with beautiful artificial greens in them.




Once you’ve established that, you can move on to furniture. We recommend opting for a statement sofa; they come in many styles including L-Shaped Sofas, Sofa cum Beds, etc and add style and sophistication. One trick you can use to add an exciting touch is to make use of the color blocking technique where you pick two colors opposite to each other on the color wheel and pair them, for instance, if you opt for a blue sofa like our Rosanna Three Seater Fabric Sofa, you can add orange or yellow throws and blankets or place a coffee table in front of it for the unexpected color combination and wow factor. You can also add a colorful rug under the sofa for an added cozy look.






You can also revamp your old furniture that are plain and boring such as a bookshelf and paint it to fulfill your colorful mind and desires. If you want to add a colorful modern touch, you can always add bold art pieces such as our Diana Collage of Doors Tempered Glass Wall Art to your room, we suggest abstract if you want to be trendy with your opted designs.




Lastly, when you’re ready to go bold with your choices, you can create a fun colorful accent wall to add a stylish, trendy and modern touch to the space. If you add an accent wall to any of your rooms, just keep in mind to opt for a more neutral color to the other walls to balance out the colorful living space. Overall, there’s no right or wrong with design so just choose to follow your ideas and get creative!

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