A Guide to Choose the Right Rug for Your Home

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It might sound easy, but choosing the perfect rug is a tricky business. It is an easy affair for the uninitiated and those with a severely inadequate sense of aesthetics and pragmatism. But for everyone else, it’s a tough job if unacquainted with some basic facts.

Sure, you could head to the supermarket or log onto Amazon and bring home the first recommended rug on their list. But you aren’t a generic person who has soulless products lying around your house. You are reading this blog because you are an educated consumer.

“Seriously, how hard can picking a rug be?” you might be asking yourself. Well, it depends on a few questions like:

Why do you want a rug?

Rugs have countless uses: to insulate a person’s feet from the cold floor, to keep the furniture on, to reduce walking sound, to pray, to invite guests, or even wipe your feet. What is your purpose for owning a rug?

You can always buy rugs online for any of your needs. If you don’ keep your furniture on a rug it might seem like the sofas and tables are just floating. A good rug aesthetically anchors your furniture to the proom. Also, it stops furniture marks left on the floor while dragging.

If you want to wipe your feet, you need a bathroom rug or a doormat. If it is laid before your entrance, you need something fancy and welcoming. The point is, you need to know exactly why you need a rug so you can choose the right one for the purpose.

What kind do you want?

Size Matters

The room shape and furniture will determine the rug size. If it is to place furniture on then it has to be big enough to get all the front legs of your furniture on it. If it is for wiping or decoration, even a smaller one would do.

Experiment with Shapes

Size matters. The shape does too. The shapes you use should complement your home and the furniture in it. A circular rug in a narrow place would feel awkward but would look amazing in curved spaces. A square one might leave a lot of empty room but can create an illusion of luxury when kept at the right places, and a rectangular one is far too common but works well in most cases.

Material Makes the Difference

Doesn’t matter if it looks nice if it doesn’t feel nice. A rug has to fulfill its utility whatever that may be. You got to keep in mind how much traffic a room gets before you purchase a rug. Is it going to be a decorative or functional piece? Is it going to see some serious footfall? Is it recyclable or is it going to be an eco hazard? These are serious questions you have to ponder while choosing a rug.

Natural fibers are the best material for durability. These last longer and are hand-knotted, tufted, or woven.

Following are examples of natural fiber rugs:

Woolen rugs are extremely popular because of their versatility. It dyes easily and comes in many colors. Wool is comfortable, is durable, and has a natural resistance to stains!

Cotton rugs are comfy and casual. They are also very durable and can be machine washed.

Jute and sisal are for people with woolen allergies but need tough and durable rugs. Compared to cotton these absorb more moisture, and the stains are harder to remove.

Silk and viscose rugs are luxurious. These soft rugs come in many colors, textures, and designs and are generally used for decoration!

Synthetic fibers such as Nylon and Olefin also make good rugs.

They are machine manufactured and come in many colors and designs. They also have remarkable strength and are incredibly durable and resistant to stains.

Where do you want it?

Do you want it for your bedroom, living room, entrance, balcony, bathroom, or kitchen? Each option points toward rugs of different shapes, sizes, and materials.

Living room

Living room rugs are to place furniture on. It’s best to go for wool or cotton rugs in the living room. You can use a square or round rug here for the luxury feel.


The point of bedroom rugs is to keep your feet warm when you step out of bed in the morning. Use a 4-5 feet woolen rug for best results. Remember to cover all sides of the bed. You can use designer rugs here for added effect.


Use colorful soft and printed rugs for the balcony. But if it is under the sun for too long, the colors might fade, and if there is no shade, the rain might ruin your rugs if not made from the right material.


For the kitchen, choose a rug that doesn’t stain and doesn’t gather dust quickly. Use smaller rugs for home so you can clean them easily.


It has to be waterproof, and it should soak excess water from your feet after a bath. Do not use one inside the bathroom, as it is pointless. Remember, a waterproof rug can keep you from slipping.



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