Tips to create a multipurpose kids room

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Coming up with ways to decorate your kid’s bedroom can often be a very stressful process. You want it to be a place where your kids can not only have a good night’s sleep but also a room that’s safe where they can be productive and improve on their skills. These tips will ensure you have a smooth process when designing and decorating your kid’s room.


Let’s start with the base, picking a wall color for the room. It is a fact that kids grow up in the blink of an eye, so it is important to ensure that you don’t have to make many major changes over the years of your child’s growth. It is also best to ensure that the room is colorful to peak their interest and make sure that they actually enjoy spending time in their room. Opting for colors that would still suit their taste in the many years to come is crucial. You can never go wrong with pastel shades as such hues have the ability to work beautifully irrespective of the décor of the rest of your home. After all, you’ll want your kids’ room to blend with the overall aesthetic of your home. Pastel pinks, greens and blues are gorgeous shades that will look elegant while appealing to kids and adults alike.


Children are known for being collectors, they often find it difficult to let go of items that are dear to them, so why not make use of some of them. You can dedicate a part of the wall in the kid’s room to their creative drawings and in the process encourage them. You can create a combination of wall art, quotes, posters and your kid’s drawings and display them in a wall frame in a pattern. Displaying them as a gallery wall will also give you the option to switch out the artworks as your kid keeps improving on their skills.



Kids are known to be very energetic and playful and this could lead them to get hurt very easily if they’re not careful. Opt for furniture that is safe for kids and doesn’t have sharp corners and edges that could potentially hurt them. We recommend opting for furniture that’s sleek and simple. You can still get creative and include fun patterns and colors in their throw pillows, bed covers, blankets and soft toys to add color and creativity into the room. Kids also have a lot of items that could lead the room to be messy, so the more storage the better. You can add storage baskets in the room for their toys, drawers and organizers for their drawing. Add bookshelves for their books, a comfortable chair and create a cozy reading nook for them.

Store away toys and knickknacks that have to be used with parental guidance on higher shelves. Other storage boxes and organizers can be kept at a low height to encourage kids to clean up and organize their toys on their own. This is a good habit to inculcate in them while they are still young.

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Having a study table in your kid’s bedroom is highly efficient because it would persuade them to improve on their cognitive skills and literary skills by influencing them to draw, read and write and in the process increase their imagination too. You can place organization components on their study table to store crayons, pencils, books, and a lot more.
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When designing your kid’s room, it is necessary to ensure that it doubles as a play area to keep them occupied. Leave room for them to play and jump around as well. You could also dedicate a cozy corner for them to relax in by placing a swing with throw pillows and blanket for them to relax, read and play with their stuffed buddies. Alternatively, you can place a teepee with a rug, pillows, and toys. This would enable them to sit back and enjoy once in a while and can also act as a focal point in the room in terms of design.

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We cannot stress enough about how much lighting can influence your child’s mood. Having bright lighting around the room will also brighten up their mood and act as a calming component in your room. A study lamp placed on your child’s study table ensures that your child has ample light when reading, studying or working on their crafts. You can also add fairy lights around the room to add more personality and as an added advantage; it would act as night lighting if your child fears sleeping alone.

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