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A 15-week online course requiring an investment in an “inside-out” approach to working with people with disabilities. Participants actively commit to sit throughout 15 weeks of discovery and exploration of what it means to be person-centered and inclusive. This intensive training program for Benefits Practitioners requires participation in 17 webinars. At the completion of the 17 webinars, participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance. Credentialing can be received if the participant chooses the Work Incentives Planning and Utilization for Benefit Practitioners Certificate Series (with Credentialing as a Benefits and Work Incentives Practitioner) course. This intensive certification program for Benefits Practitioners requires participation in 17 webinars, completion of a provisional certification on line examination as well as a file review that, upon successful completion, will result in full certification.

While AI can support architects, planners, and designers with a lot of tasks, provide objective opinions and help to spark creativity, it cannot replace the human element of making liveable cities that work for everyone. At the same time, the emergence of ChatGPT is a sign for everyone working in the field that AI will play an increasingly important role in future cities. It is not just a “trend to watch”, it is something to actively engage with and learn more about. It has great potential to achieve success in planning practices and smart cities, as well as in making future cities more sustainable and predicting the impacts of climate change on cities. But even Chat GPT does not mention AI as one of 2023’s most important urban developments. This shows that rather than a trend, artificial intelligence is a tool that we must learn how to use well to benefit as much as possible from its input.

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The examples from last week’s article showed that some cities are already using AI like ChatGPT to answer common citizen questions and respond to reported issues with municipal services. For designers and planners, large language models can be helpful by automatically generating large amounts of data. Floor plans, building layouts, or urban design specifications can be provided by the AI, saving designers a lot of time and effort. This allows planners, architects, and designers to focus more on the creative aspects of their work. In Maryland, the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) participates in the Ticket to Work program and has assisted many job seekers with disabilities who receive SSDI and SSI benefits to return to work, often earning more than the amount of their cash benefits.

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An HGV route planner is a software solution that helps track and route heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) in real-time. Plugging into existing fleet management tools, route planners provide truck drivers, dispatchers and route planners with the functionality to create faster, more efficient and cost-effective routes for the delivery of goods. Appeal a VA Decision
Even post-application, professional VA planners can be of assistance. If an application for benefits is denied, a VA planner can review the claim for benefits, the reason for denial, and advise the veteran or surviving spouse if an appeal should be made. If so, the veteran’s planner can assist in gathering evidence (such as a physician’s statement of disability) in support of one’s claim for benefits and submit it with the appeal paperwork. They can also provide representation at personal hearings, which is a meeting in which one’s case is decided.

How to Make Du’a Part of Your Daily Planning Routine

Confusion as to the Application Process
While the application process might seem straightforward, many people unknowingly make simple mistakes on the application. Not filling out the application in its entirety, not correctly listing all sources of income, or even something as simple as writing “non-applicable” rather than “$0” on the application, can put a hiccup in the application process. For the 36-months immediately preceding one’s application, all past asset transfers will be reviewed. If one meets the net worth limit of $150,538 because assets were gifted or sold for less than fair market during this period, they have violated the look back rule. Veterans benefit advisors can help restructure assets to meet the net worth limit without violating the look-back period. The CLIFF suite of tools developed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta models the interaction of public benefits, taxes, and tax credits with wage progressions.

  • The results are popular (or less popular) precisely because they are not perfect and bland, but instead human and interesting.
  • A benefit specialist can help you explore and leverage work incentives and also help you develop a plan to ease your transition to work.
  • Many people are willing to give up SSI, if they’ll be financially better off without it, but only if they won’t lose Medicaid.
  • Furthermore, as income is considered part of one’s net worth, deducting unreimbursed medical expenses from one’s income also reduces their net worth.
  • From small to large employers, MPI provides the solutions and tools you need to take care of the people that take care of your business.
  • Inseego provides access to real-time traffic data, helping businesses plan for disruptions, keep drivers on-time, and prepared for diversions / detours.

This includes tracking average speed, fuel consumption, and delivery times to ensure optimal fleet performance. Inseego provides access to real-time traffic data, helping businesses plan for disruptions, keep drivers on-time, and prepared for diversions / detours. It also provides access to truck navigation apps, helping drivers reduce time spent driving and ensuring the most efficient route. It is important for businesses to invest in route planning technology which provides a simple user experience.

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A B2W Coach can help you understand how Social Security disability benefits and other public benefits are impacted by work. A provocative 15-week program that combines interactive webinars with a self-paced online theory- to-practice curriculum. This course is designed to take the guesswork out of what it means to be truly person-centered and to build social inclusion with people with disabilities. We provide all of the tools you need to build a great benefits package for your unique situation, including Group, Individual, Medicare, and Retirement Insurance.

Can I retire at 55?

It is possible to retire early at age 55, but most people are not eligible for Social Security retirement benefits until they're 62, and typically people must wait until age 59 ½ to make penalty-free withdrawals from 401(k)s or other retirement accounts.

Inseego is a reliable partner in helping businesses optimise the performance of their fleets. Selecting the right HGV route planner is an important step for businesses that want to optimise their fleet performance and save time and money in the long run. Intelligent route planning from a route planner helps ensure compliance with HGV regulations. These include the latest EU driver working time rules and emissions regulations. This type of planner will also take into account lorry dimensions and restrictions on the road size for which the vehicle is suitable. Route planners provide fleet managers with real-time information on the location and status of each vehicle, allowing for greater oversight and optimisation.

When tenants’ incomes drop, when certain other expenses rise, or rents go up, HUD usually pays more of the rent and utility costs. And income limits for HUD programs are based on percentages of the median income in the local area, so people who live in high-income, high-rent communities can qualify for aid if their incomes are higher, but still low compared to the average in their area. It looks like the role of large language models in future cities will primarily be an assisting one, automating some of the more tedious and time-consuming tasks involved in both design work and urban planning work.

Deeming affects people on SSI who are (1) married to spouses who don’t get SSI, and (2) children under age 18 living with parent(s). A portion of the spouse’s or parents’ income and resources is counted against the SSI recipient for SSI eligibility and payment purposes. Deeming can make a married person or child eligible for less SSI…or none at all. Participants interested in completing a course in SSA Work Incentive Knowledge and Utilization must complete all seven webinar classes in this concentration area. Individuals considering the delivery of benefits and work incentive planning and assistance should consider also completing the Work Incentive Planning course and the Federal Benefit Programs course. Individuals completing all three courses and passing an online examination will be eligible for the Cornell University Certificate in Work Incentives Planning and Utilization for Benefit Practitioners.

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