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We all have those days where, after a really long day of work, errands and social gatherings, we just want to fall face first into the bed and go into a deep, uninterrupted slumber. But sometimes it’s not as easy as that; according to, roughly 30% of the population of the world suffers from disruptive sleep. Your sleep can be disturbed due of various reasons, one of which might be your bedroom. When designing a bedroom, there are several factors we need to consider to ensure that the design of the bedroom does not in any way disturb our sleep cycle. And if you’re someone that constantly suffers from insomnia, the best way to design your bedroom is to keep it minimal and here is why:

A cluttered or overly decorated room can be stressful to look at and while you might not mind the look of your room, subconsciously it is making your mind uncomfortable and stressed and is probably keeping you up at night. If your bedroom is full of excessive items and furniture it will start to look dense; and the denser it looks, the denser you feel. Which is why a minimalistic bedroom is always a good idea for better sleep because when your room is uncluttered and void of any unnecessary items, it will make you feel light. Walking into a clean and tidy space will immediately give you a sense of serenity and make it easier to unwind and fall asleep. So, now that we know why you need to have a minimalistic bedroom, here is how you can achieve a bedroom that is guaranteed to give you better sleep:


The first and the most important step of making your room minimal is to get rid of all the excessive things in your bedroom. In the famous words of Marie Kondo, “discard everything that does not spark joy”. Minimalism clearly does not mean getting rid of everything you own and love but rather it means you need to prioritize things that hold importance to you and identify things that don’t. This process will make you realize how excessive we are as people and how many things we own just for the heck of it. Once you identify all the things you need to get rid of and all the things you want in your bedroom, comes the process of putting your stuff away. But before that, you need to find the right furniture for your room to obtain that minimalist bedroom aesthetic.


One of the main reasons you could be having trouble sleeping is the lighting in your bedroom. To be more precise, the natural light or outdoor light could be making your room too well-lit to sleep in even at night. Darkness is essential for a good night’s sleep as the lack of light lets your body know that it’s time to rest. If you feel that there’s too much light coming into the room in spite of the curtains that you currently have, it is time to invest in light blocking curtains or blinds to keep the light from outside stay out. We have a host of ready-made as well as customizable curtains and blinds that you can choose from for your home. If you are someone who absolutely needs a little light to sleep, we recommend choosing a night light that’s set at the perfect amount of light to facilitate a relaxed sleep.


Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. Having the right bed and mattress is extremely important for a good night’s sleep. You

should always be mindful of the space available in your room when buying a bed. Make sure your bed does not take up most of the space in your bedroom because then the bedroom will start to look crowded despite the minimal outlook. Beds with storage are a great option for smaller rooms as more storage room helps keeps the room clutter free. For a minimalistic bedroom, opt for frameless beds or if that does not sound very appealing opt for neutral tones. A simple white color frame or a solid light wood frame can do the trick.

The mattress is also super important for a good sleep. With the different options available in the market, finding the mattress that suits your comfort requirements can get overwhelming. There’s memory foam, spring, orthopedic and so many different sizes of mattresses to choose from. If you are someone who enjoys sinking comfortably into a bouncy bed, spring mattresses are your go-to. If you love the feeling of being cradled in comfort on a mattress that effortlessly molds itself to suit your form, go for the memory foam variant. If you constantly suffer from backaches or posture related health issues, opt for orthopedic mattresses that are recommended even by healthcare professionals. The height of the mattress also depends on the height you prefer your bed at. For low beds, it’s always more aesthetically appealing to choose a mattress that’s thicker. The ideal height of your mattress on the bed should reach roughly around your knee level.


One might think that they should forego the side table for the sake of minimalism but, that is completely unnecessary. In fact, a side table is an essential when making a minimal bedroom. We all have our bedside essentials that we need access to before we go to bed. This could be a book, a photo frame, a small plant etc.

When setting up your side table, identify the things that are absolutely important to be kept on top of the table and store away the rest in the drawers. Leave the top of the table for your lamp and just one or two other bedside essentials. So, go ahead and buy yourself a nice side table but make sure it has a few drawers to hold your stuff so that the tabletop is NOT cluttered. Be sure to add an alarm clock on your bedside table too or you just might sleep through the day once you implement these tips! 😛

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Wardrobes and dressing tables: One of the biggest reasons for messy rooms is the clothes left unattended. We all know and have that one chair in the corner of the room that has such a big pile of clothes on it that you can’t even see the chair. If you have a room without a separate closet space and the only way to store your belongings is to add a wardrobe in the room, opt for closed door storage options. When you de-clutter, you will be able to identify what type of wardrobe you need; if you think you need a lot of storage, invest in a good 4+ door wardrobe for the long run.

This will ensure that none of your belongings are left strewn across the room or on chairs. This also means you need to get rid of any jacket hangers or open clothes racks and instead make space for your clothes inside the wardrobe. If you don’t have enough space in your wardrobes even after decluttering, opt for beds with hydraulic storage.

Wardrobes with inbuilt full length mirrors on their doors are a great way to make the space look larger while giving you a place to get ready every day. This way you have the option to choose a chest of drawers for additional storage instead of a full dressing unit with mirror.

A large Dressing table unit can seem very excessive in a room; instead you can get yourself a full-size mirror as a dresser with a smaller chest of drawers to store your stuff. A full-size mirror will reflect so much light and make your room look very spacious and airy. You can even find full-size mirrors that also act as jewelry cabinets or storage devices. So, instead of getting a conventional dressing table with mirror look for alternative options that can be fit into a minimalistic space.


When it comes to the design of the room, the color scheme of your bedroom is very important when it comes to sleep. Worldwide study suggest that people sleep much better in rooms designed in lighter, cooler colors compared to darker shades. Light colors make rooms look bigger and set a stress-free ambience. When it comes to the interior design opt for neutral tones with light hues, cool colors and pastel hues. Keep these color tones in mind when buying the furniture as well.

Making a minimalistic bedroom does not mean you don’t get to decorate it in anyway. You just need to find the right balance of home décor options for the space so that is does not look crowded. Instead of picking out several small décor pieces that will clutter the space you need to find a few pieces of décor that have more visual weight. Lifelike artificial plants, a single medium sized wall art on the wall behind the bed, sprawling artificial ivy leaves on a corner wall, décor pieces made of wicker or earthy natural tones, are all great décor ideas to add a cozy, comfy feeling to a bedroom.

Follow these few steps and you will find yourself in a stress free, cozy bedroom where you will be able to get some much-needed sleep.



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