The cozy corner: your very own day-to-day wellness retreat!

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We all have those days when we come back home from a long day at work and just want to close our eyes for a second and breathe; days when we want to get away from the stresses of our lives by curling up in a corner with a hot cup of tea and a good book. Here are some tips on how you can create your own cozy corner for the days you need to just sit and relax:

  1. Find a spot:

Find a breathable corner in your home; a place where you don’t feel suffocated or uneasy. Go for a spot where you have access to natural light, like next to a window or close to the balcony. Natural light provides a sense of openness which makes people feel less confined to a limited space and more in contact with the world. You can even create this zone in your balcony, lawn or terrace too so long as the weather is right or you have alternate outdoor cooling systems to battle the summer heat.

2. Pick the right chair:

Once you have decided on the spot, next comes finding that perfect seating to fit the space while being super comfortable. From a two seater love seat to a single seater armchair, it is all about finding that sweet spot for ultimate relaxation. Find a leisure chair that makes you feel relaxed. When buying a new chair to fit in your corner, prioritize yourself and consider factors like the type of lumbar support you are looking for, the texture and fabric you prefer and the color that makes you feel good. It is also important to stick to a theme or color scheme so that you don’t overpower the aesthetic with various colors and textures that don’t go together. With the vast variety of chairs available online in the market today you can easily find the right one with a little bit of browsing.

If you want to keep it simple buy a classic armchair like this one right here and pair it with your favorite furniture and accessories.

For a classy, more elegant look, you can buy modern designer armchairs online and pair them with minimal furniture to maintain a balance.  If you prefer something more old style, get yourself a vintage Armchair with an ottoman that goes in contrast with the chair.

If you have chosen an outdoor spot for your wellness-retreat zone, opt for outdoor sofas, loungers or swings that you can happily laze in after a long day. Here’s one that you might like:

Perhaps you are looking forward to taking evening naps in your corner, in that case, look for a recliner chair that could be used as a makeshift bed. Recliners can be a game changer for you if you suffer with back and joint ache as it promotes blood circulation in the body and helps reduce the pain. Plus, they are just so comfortable!

For a spa massage feeling at home, you can even opt for a massage chair that will have all your stress melting in no time.

In case none of these fit your style, don’t worry! You can still explore many options like rocking accent chairs or a love seat which would be a perfect choice to cuddle up in with a blanket. If you are not one for sofas or chairs, a beanbag is a great option too.

Remember, you are the boss of your zone and it is okay to prioritize yourself when setting it up.

3. Add small furniture:

End Table: this is one of the key components of this setting and here’s why: it’s going to hold objects that you want to keep close to you. Essentials like a cup of coffee, the book you want to read, a mini Zen garden or just a pair of scented candles. As long as it acts as a table, alternate options can be used in place of an actual table like a stool, an ottoman that can multitask as a table or even a pouf. These options of small items will add variety to your furniture.

Bookshelf: in case you are making a reading corner for yourself, it would make sense to complement it with a book shelf. You can buy wooden bookshelves online that can be attached to the wall; wall shelves are great for storage because they do not take too much space and you can find designer wall shelves online that will act as a décor piece which will enhance the aesthetic of your reading nook. You can also find mini designer bookshelves that can be placed on your end table to save space.

4. Accessorize with things that will bring you happiness:

When you have your furniture set up, you want to make this space special by adding home décor that makes it look personal. Start by layering different textures so that the whole space does not look two dimensional and boring. Add a rug and some throw pillows for that extra dose of coziness.

Add an element of nature and color to your corner with indoor plants. Plants give us a sense of serenity and evoke positive energy in our bodies. Plants cleanse our air which in turn boosts our mood and mental-health. If you’re not blessed with green fingers, our lifelike artificial plants are a great way to add natural-like appeal to the space. Hanging leaves like ivy or a string of leaves on the wall above your cozy nook is also a great way to give a minimal yet creative spin to the space.

Decorate your empty wall with some wall art. Find wall paintings or other wall hangings that you resonate with in the empty space. If you have designed the whole place with monotonous neutrals then try adding a bit of color to the walls through your choice of wall décor. Make it more personal by adding a quote you relate to or pictures of family and friends. Be sure to keep your wall uncluttered. Follow the less is more approach when designing this space as a clutter free space makes a clutter free, relaxed mind.

Plants are not the only things that make the air fresh. Place a Diffuser or a scented candle on your end table for a breath of delightfully scented air every time you sit in your corner to relax. With our range of aroma fragrance oils, you can choose a scent that makes you feel most at ease. We love the smell of fresh, citrusy lemongrass as well as floral scents that give the feeling of walking in a freshly mowed lawn. If you wish to use this space for meditation, it is a known fact that meditating with aroma oils has a curative effect, not only on the mind, but also on the body. Need another reason to include aroma oils and diffusers in this space? We didn’t think so!

You can also take your pick from our range of decorative table accessories for your end table. We recommend keeping things simple. A pretty photo frame with a photograph of a wonderful memory, or an elegant minimal vase with a single flower bunch will be perfect for the end table in your corner.

If you have a lot of space in your nook, we recommend adding a calming indoor fountain to the space. There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of the gentle flow of water. Incorporating this in the space can take relaxation to a whole other level and bring you a sense of absolute tranquility.

Here’s one we think you’ll love:

5. Lighting:

Lighting can quickly change the ambience of a room from extremely bright to calm and cozy. For a more relaxed environment, switch off your regular overhead lights at nighttime to opt for lamps.

A lamp will add that final touch to your corner that will make it look more polished and well put together. Lamps tend to provide a more modern look to an interior setting and can be that one object that stands out. If you are a minimalist and prefer a tidy space but still want it to look aesthetically pleasing, place a table lamp on your end table that will become the object of focus and enhance your setting. You can look up and buy modern designer table lamps online at affordable prices.

A floor lamp can be a great choice for a reading nook because most floor lamps can be modified to fit your desired height and light setting. You can alter the direction of the light according to your preference and even direct light on specific objects with reading lamps which is really what any bookworm wants.

Our ultimate me-time nook will have a plush single seater arm chair, a soft fluffy area rug placed in front of the chair to rest our feet in, a small end table on the side to place our steaming cup of tea, and a floor lamp that gives just the right amount of cozy warm lighting to read a book, all set up next to a French window bringing in ample natural light. Doesn’t that sound absolutely pinterest worthy?

Take these cues and get decorating now!

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