Create First Impression: Style tips for the hallway

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While designing the interiors of your home, have you ever wondered if it’s important to set up the hallway?

Hallway is one of the many spots in a home that needs to be creatively designed and decorated, however many times we tend to forget about it while we put efforts to set up rest of the home exceptionally. The colors and décor used in the hallway sets the theme of our home.

It’s not necessary to have big entryway to create a grand entrance. With right furniture and accessories even small entryways can make wonders! The hallway décor depends on the focus, i.e. whether one wants to use the space for maximum functionality or want to keep it luxurious and aesthetic. A perfect design strikes the right balance between functionality and visual appeal.

Here are some style tips for creating a luxurious yet functional hallway.

Make a bold, outstanding color choice.

Using a vibrant color not only grabs attention but also creates a first impression unlike with neutral shades and also helps distract the guests from any clutter in the entryway. Complementary colors on the wall to the door enhances the appearance

Neutral color for foyer walls can be paired with bold tone accessories or wall paintings that add a pop of color and can be complimented with a chandelier or abstract floral wallpaper, which gives a chic look.

Pair your entryway walls with complimenting furniture

Storage units, wall shelves, console tables, foldable benches are some of the furniture items that are commonly used in the hallways.  A walnut or oak slender bench, which can also be used as a storage space for shoes or books, goes well with vibrant walls.

A pop of ottomans furnished in trendy patterns or fashionable colors adds on to the comfort and visual appeal of your hallways along with a golden or mirror console tables , trinkets or decorative trays come in handy for guests to leave their wallets, keys or phone.

You can pick the perfect console table from a large variety which includes farmhouse style tables with an antique finish that creates a soothing, subtle and retro vibe or a modern minimalist chic table that has a neat and sophisticated impact on our moods. Few potted or hanging plants would complete the design.

A pleasant fragrance in the hallway gives a very welcoming and positive vibe to guests and for this air purifiers or diffusers can be used to lift the mood .

Wall Décor adds to the aesthetics

Decorate your walls with statement pieces that enhance the look and adds bold and unique style. An oversized wall art or wall mirror is a style statement that creates a strong impact. A large floor mirror adorned with rustic wooden frame or mosaic work helps lighten up the foyer and complements rustic farm house style.

Nature lovers can use a boutique collection of plants along with fountains and natural fiber decoratives such as cane lighting and textured hand tufted rugs. These plants and accessories create an environment friendly energy and freshness.

For a personalized feel add collage of photographs, kid’s artworks or trending sustainable DIY décor items.

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Don’t forget the floors!

To create an everlasting impact, new flooring can be used which is moisture resistant like Luxury Vinyl Plank and waterproof laminate that would withstand wear and tear. Wooden flooring with darker tone is a good option as it can conceal or hide any minor damages and is easy to fix.  Variety of flooring tiles such as ceramic tiles, durable porcelain tiles or  encaustic tiles would enhance the appearance of the hallway.

Bright colored, luxurious runner rugs are a great way to uplift the flooring, adding an element of design with a pop of color to the foyer. Wainscoting can also be used to hide any damages that’s caused to the flooring. Temporary floor coverings and adhesives are used to protect the floorings. These hallways can be accentuated with louvers or moldings to give a new look and sense of depth.

Light up the Hallway!

A bold, large chandelier adds an element of surprise to guests, which would indeed create the perfect first impression. Using an attractive light fixture, such as golden chandelier, pendant lamp or rubbed bronze and clear glass lantern, helps brighten up the foyer.

Chandelier goes perfect with high ceilings whereas a mount light fixtures complement vice-versa. Make sure that the source of light doesn’t overwhelm the place, hence, use of LED modern designs are a great choice.

With the right option of furniture and storage units, we can design a simple and a clutter free foyer that is elegant with maximum utility.


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