Tips to transform your Work From Home Spot

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Your home office doesn’t have to be a boring space that takes you a lot of effort to even spend some time in. Having a well-designed space isn’t only about looking good but also feeling good, so we have combined a few tips to make the most out of your home office that would make you feel motivated and relaxed to roll up your sleeve and work those long hours.


Colors have a way of brightening up your mood and making you feel more awake and motivated, so why not add your favorite bright color into your room with a wallpaper or wall paint. You can opt for simple glossy wall paint if you want a sleek modern look or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can go for printed wallpapers. An added advantage is that wallpapers happen to be a major trend in home design, so you’ll be elevating your lifestyle with style! We recommend choosing the pantone color of the year; the perfect combination of grey and yellow. We love how the brightness of the yellow is beautifully balanced by the slight dullness of the grey that’s sure to create a truly stunning space.


If you don’t want to go all out with your walls, you can also choose to add catchy components with your décor. Using metallic accents of gold, silver or bronze around your office is a great way to add modern touches to your office with style. It can be done with both furniture as well as décor. For instance, you can add table lamps or floor lamps with metallic accents, or opt for organizers, display pieces, wall frames etc.

Our Pick: Stolpa Modern Wall Clock Gold


If you’re someone who loves staying organized but also wants easy accessibility to your belongings, open shelving is the best choice for you. You can add additional storage components to your shelves and store all your office supplies easily. As everything is out on display, you’ll see and know exactly where each item is stored and retrieve it when needed, saving you a ton of time. You can also add a wall shelf right above your desk, not only would it be a place to store your belongings but also act as a shelf to display any décor.

Our Pick: New Bridge 3 Tier Wall Shelf – Black


Having a relaxing spot in your office doesn’t have to be a bad idea, sometimes you need to get out of your office chair and work with comfort. A great way to ensure you’ll be productive in your office but also have a little comfort for your back is to have a recliner or a one seater sofa in your office. You can position it in a corner and use it when you need a change of work space from your desk.

Our Pick: Lucy 1 Seater Rocking Leather Recliner – Brown


Décor is a must to add life into your room and your home office is just as important to decorate as any other room. To ensure it doesn’t take away from the purpose of the room, we recommend using sleek and minimalistic décor. You can add simple wall frames with pictures or add more style with wall art. You can also go for planters with real or artificial plants to add more life to your room. Mirrors, printed curtains, floor lamps and table lamps can also act as decors but also be used to brighten up your room.

Our Pick: Galerie Building Abstract Canvas Printing with MDF,PS Frame


You don’t want to be overwhelmed with clutter that will distract you from your work, so always pick key items that will elevate your lifestyle and your room design and not take away the purpose of the room. Purchasing furniture with storage will help you achieve minimalism and enable you to stay clutter free and who doesn’t love multipurpose furniture! There are a wide range of furniture options that comes with storage but we recommend ottomans, study tables with drawers, benches with storage, sofas or recliners with storage. You can also add shelving units, wall shelves, desk organizers, wired organizers and definitely a bin to put all the trash away.

Our Pick: Peter Luxury Desktop Globe with Organizer Function Antique

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