Tips to transform your home from Drab to Fab

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Don’t know what to do in order to make your home trendier? If your home is due for a little update from plain to modern, these tips are exactly what you need to completely transform your room. We assure you, it will look like you hired a designer to decorate your home.



This is the first thing your guests will see as they enter your home, so make sure to make the most of it for a good first impression. You can spice up your hallway with wall décor, wall art or just placing potted plants or décor in your hallway.

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Considering that your living room is the main space that guests will notice and hangout, pay close attention to every detail of the room. Opting for neutral tones could make any room seem a lot bigger and add a contemporary style, not to mention it gives you the opportunity to experiment with colors and décor.

If you have a not so interesting sofa in your living room but don’t want to purchase a new one, opt for sofa covers. You can spice up your media table with shelves, bookshelves, or wall shelves in contemporary style by adding décor accents, wall accents and accessories. It would not only bring your furniture together and adds personality but it gives you the liberty to experiment with color and décor styling and also make them stand out more.

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The Kitchen is a space that is often times neglected but just as important as any other room in your home. Style your kitchen with industrial style décor and materials and pay attention to the dining space by opting for a big table and chairs dining set with a vase in the middle for a more sophisticated and clean touch.

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Stick to a minimalistic approach for your room; don’t add more than what is necessary. A few décor objects is important to add personality to the space. It’s the place where you go at the end of a long day to take in time for yourself and nap, so if your room is loud in terms of design, it’s more likely to be overwhelming than calming. Additionally, minimalism is one of the trendiest approaches to style your home, so keep it simple.

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A bathroom doesn’t have to be a boring space; you can spice up your bath room by adding aesthetically pleasing storage. Stick to a sleek and clean approach, and while you’re at it, you can even add a simple wall art. You can also place a stool in your bathroom as it acts as both a place to sit and an extra place for organization, while adding a lux touch to your bathroom.

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One of the best ways to make your home trendier is to add mirror décor on the walls. It would make your home look more modern and step up your design game. Take mirrors off different sizes, styles, colors and add them in your hall or dining area. This will also make the space look bigger.

You can make a simple wall more interesting by adding wall art, whether it’s a whole bunch of small wall arts paired together to create a design or just a single big wall art piece, it’s definite to add a modern touch and make a statement.

Make sure to add pops of color wherever possible, it would give a bold choice of décor and make your home more interesting and modern.

Opt for bright and vivid colors like yellow that will instantly drag people’s eyes. This is also a great trick to make your guests drawn to places you want to highlight but careful not to go too overboard.

One of the easiest ways to add a pop of color is by using throws in any seating area. Mix and match colors, patterns and sizes for your throws to create a unique and unexpected look.


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