Ultimate Checklist for BBQ and Camping

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It’s officially that time of the year folks! You can finally flock around the campfire under star-studded skies, roll out your grill and play host to the best BBQ and camping excursion. Because what sounds better than some fun, chill breeze and fieriest juicy grills? But eating outdoors can require a lot of planning- and you don’t want to have any guilt or regrets later. 

From your grilling essentials to your seating checklist and storage finds, we are going to guide you thoroughly with a complete BBQ and Camping list. Check these out to significantly Up your Grill game!


Back to Basics: A Charcoal Grill

First things first, sticking to the fact- Old is gold- Meaning a good Charcoal grill that is handy, lightweight, and portable. Charcoal grills are the most conventional methods of barbecue., and the fundamental of a sumptuous traditional barbecue feast is well-cooked marinated cuts that are slow-grilled to perfection on charcoal. It is also one of the most conventional and popular fuel sources when BBQ is concerned. Charcoal grilling can remarkably impact the flavour profile of your grills. However, it can require more patience than electric or gas grills.  The unique, lip-smacking flavor of food grilled on a Charcoal BBQ comes from the smoky aroma when the marinades and oils hit the hot charcoal and evaporate back to the food. That is how a traditional barbecue works. The Charcoal grills come in assorted sizes and shapes, with and without a stand, and sometimes with side stations too for convenience of workspace. Get a grill that suffices your cooking style and storage space. The work counter can also come in handy when you are hosting a party for a large number of people. You can explore the wide variety of charcoal and gas grills for some smokiest wholesomeness.


 Best of Both worlds- 

If it’s a BBQ party in your garden or backyard and you have got enough space, then you can go for the barbecue that has both, gas and charcoal options. The  Gas& Charcoal BBQ Station features work counters, under shelves, and cabinets for a compelling cooking experience. The gas and charcoal BBQ station with twin features solves the hassles of having to choose between gas and charcoal by conveniently putting both cooking surfaces next to each other. Char your marinated steaks over charcoal for the smoky and juicy flavor, while you cook your vegetables and fruits on the griddle side at the same time. The one with only the gas grill option might not be a pick for traditional BBQ lovers but it has its perks.


The quintessential thing you never want to miss: A Tent

Pitching your tent can be quite a hassle, so you must do thorough research on what kind of tent you are looking for. Choosing the right tent depends upon the number of people, whether you are a family or a couple. Next comes the design, and of course the price-point too. Investing in the right tent is equally important as per your requirement. Barbecue and camping accessories should be portable, lightweight, low maintenance, and weatherproof.

A comfy Seating 

A well-organized BBQ and Camping excursion calls for plentiful comfy seating and table. You will need comfortable camp chairs and a table that are portable and lightweight. While choosing a chair and table for camping you must consider the material and go for a weather-proof fabric that can stand extreme weather conditions. Moreover, you will also want to watch out for how much maintenance is required. An ideal camping seating set must include convenient portability, maintenance, and comfortable seating.


Mood Lighting

Most of the campsites lack the source of proper lighting, so better you keep your camping inventory well-equipped. To prompt a fancy, warm, and cozy feel you can add LED candles and fairy lights, for a dreamy and subtle ambiance.

 A Multipurpose Picnic Basket and Cooler Bag

Having the most convenient type of picnic basket is one of the factors you can’t neglect. Arrange your drinks and food in a well-organized manner in a traditional basket. You will need insulated coolers if you plan to stay longer and enjoy chilled beverages and as well as store the perishables.

Serveware, Plates & Cups

Pack all the disposables because they are very convenient and hassle-free to use. Make a list of all the disposables you will need from plates, serve ware, napkins, and spoons to straws. You can also check out some really good melamine BBQ plates, cups, and bowls if you are hosting a BBQ party in your garden.

The Cozy Comfort: Pillows, Cushions, and Blankets

Turn your BBQ excursion into a glamping experience where you can feel the comfort of your home. Snuggled in a blanket with some soft outdoor cushions, enjoying the breathtaking views of nature, under the chilled open sky, watching the subtle lighting of the campfire, and relishing the mouth-watering aroma wafting from the sizzling BBQ. Sounds dreamy enough? Well, be the host. Pack your bags and get going now!


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